Saffron Drift light for a more natural transition to sleep
intuitive to use, initiate the sunset by flicking the regular light switch twice

Saffron Drift Light Sleep Inducing Light

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Waking up with light and feeling more refreshed is nothing new under the sun but being guided to sleep at night with the help of a light may surprise you. It is reality though with the Saffron Drift light. This light helps you get asleep. Especially useful for those who have trouble laying their smartphone aside just before bedtime.

The Saffron LED bulb mimics the setting sun by gradually reducing its warm light over 37 minutes offering a smooth transition to sleep. The light was designed based on circadian rhythm research and stimulates the onset of shuteye as well as optimizes the quality of your sleep. For example, 37 minutes is how long a sunset lasts on average.

Great for children who are afraid to go to sleep in the dark, people who have trouble getting asleep or those who are just fond of contemporary gadgets that simulate natural circumstances.

Saffron can be set to dim until it is completely off or until it fades to a nightlight brightness (Moonlight mode).

Under natural circumstances sunlight fades and melatonin (the light sensititive sleep inducing hormone) release starts. Our modern habits of frequent use of tablet, TV, and smartphone are often interfering with getting asleep. Luckily there are various sleep aids that help diminish these effects.

Especially since, as studies demonstrate, the blue light these electronic emit reduces melatonin production twice as much as other colors of light.

Making this new artificial sunset light a highly useful addition to our modern day life.



At $29 each these are pretty afordable for an energy efficient light bulb that will help you fall asleep naturally. Grab one (or more) here.