Mini Handheld Bell for Runners, Cyclists & Skaters

Which inelegant method do you utilize to signal you’re coming through when running? Do you clear your throat? Do you say: “uhuh, sorry, coming through”?

Bashfully reroute around the folks blocking your way perhaps? Shout with bravado: “clear the sidewalk!!” ? Indecenty holler: “ON YOUR LEFT! RUNNER INCOMING!!”?

Whatever your path-clearing credo sounds, it’s hard to beat the gracefulness of ringing a tiny bell you carry on your finger.

It makes other traffic participants think a bicycle is approaching. Which will make them more compliant to timely make way for a jogger. Although this may not work optimal on crowded pedestrian areas.

Nevertheless, the Runbell Handheld Bell for Runners, Skaters & Bikers offers a hard to beat solution to traffic congestion issues urban runners encounter.


Check it out.


Last Updated on October 26, 2016 by Tyler