Trouble Sleeping Due To Lack Of Privacy? Fix it with this Personal Space Bed Tent

Privacy Pop Bed Tent For Secluded Resting

Last Updated on January 25, 2017 by

Having trouble sleeping because of a lack of privacy? Feel more invaded than comforted when you’re really tired and other people are around? Need a modest retreat to shield you from the overwhelming sensory overload? Or just from a draft and or bright daylight?

If you’re one of those enviable people who can sleep anywhere and anytime you’ll probably frown at this bed tent.

But in case you secretly want to poke those able to sleep while waiting while standing in a crowded bus, who have only seen the first half of many movies, for whom napping is as easy as breathing, this gadget may be useful to you.

By fitting your mattress and most traditional bed frames the Privacy Pop Bed Tent provides a private slumber sanctuary. Snugly tucked away you’re shielded from ambient light and prying eyes.

Get your energy back by catching some shuteye in places and situations where you normally didn’t feel secluded enough with this ‘personal space bed tent’.

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