Squatty Potty toilet stool

Poop Like Nature Intended With Squatty Potty Toilet Stool

Last Updated on February 2, 2016 by hobbr.com

Warning! Watching the commercial below may spoil your appetite for ice cream for good. Yet it may also change the way you poop for the better.

No worries, it’s not ‘two girls one cup type gross’ (if this reference does not make sense to you, trust me, make sure to keep it that way) and perfectly SFW.

Here’s the thing..

.. the design of our modern seated toilet takes ‘pushing putty’ literally. What I mean with that is that the seated position is less than optimal because it causes us to strain on the toilet.

This may result in:

  • having to push hard which may lead to hemorrhoids
  • poop playing peek-a-boo
  • more time spent on the toilet (79 seconds on average according to studies)
  • almost popping in vein in your forehead (the type of shit that ended Elvis)
  • overall stress on your bowels and body while making a fudge.

For this reason, the French still squat over holes in the ground (or is it because they just like dirty?)

Well, anyway, seriously; studies show seated pooping has downsides. To put it simply; sitting blocks the flow.

Cornell University’s professor Alexander Kira called the contemprary sit-down toilet “the most ill-suited fixture ever designed.”  

Enter the Squatty Potty toilet stool..


This simple gadget takes away all the shitty side effects of taking a dump on a normal toilet.

No more practicing the Valsalva maneuver for minutes in order to finally back one out.

The, more natural, squatting position it creates, enhances letting loose.

Don’t believe me?

Just read Mark Jaquith’s life-changing experience epic review by clicking the link below.


Do yourself, your family members, and your colon a favor, drop it like it’s hot with Squatty Potty.


Don’t forget to watch Squatty Potty’s genius commercial: