plug and play weed growing kit

Plug-And-Plant Cannabis Grow System

Dear smokers, tokers, and recreational dopers… Leaf has got the perfect product for you. Have you ever wished that you could grow your own cannabis, but you’ve always been held back by your lack of a green thumb?

Never fear! The Leaf cannabis growing system is here, and it pretty much does all the work for you.

It’s the size of your average large capacity mini-fridge and can hold up to two plants at a time. Oh, and it has it’s own app. Cool because of real time monitoring, a unique nutrient dosing system and much more high tech features that take the guesswork out of growing cannabis at home.

This growing system has everything; it’s pretty much a pot-growing ‘glamper’ for your cannabis habit.

The system does everything from watering and controlling the humidity to monitoring pH levels and feeding. There’s even an HD camera that lets you see your plants grow in real-time without opening the container.

next level weed growing with this smart system
next level weed growing with this smart system

The Leaf growing system is around $1,500 (ouch!), but it’s a good investment for anyone who wants to grow their own cannabis for medicinal reasons and doesn’t have the outdoor space or climate for doing so.

Actually, if you’ve grown your own in similar cupboard style systems before you’ll know that 1500 bucks is a steal.

You can also purchase the Leaf if you’re into recreational smoking, but take note that this system can’t be sold in countries or states where marijuana is illegal. Smoke safe, my friends.

More info here.

Last Updated on June 21, 2016 by Tyler