lightweight portable picnic table

Outsunny Portable Picnic Table

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It’s summertime. The local park is a hub of activity where picnic-crazy people love to congregate, taking up every available table for hours on end.

It can be difficult to get a good spot for your family; you practically have to have reservations to get a table at all.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could bring your own table without the back-breaking work folding tables usually require?

The Outsunny Portable Picnic Table is the answer to your prayers (at least the ones about finding a spot to eat) and is about the size of a large briefcase or cello case.

Thankfully, it’s lighter than that, and you can take it on the go whenever you feel like snacking under an oak tree with your friends.

Picnic blankets laid on the ground are a tempting target for ants and nosy woodland critters, but this portable picnic table will have you dining in style while jealous park-goers eat off of tables with gum stuck under them (ew).

The table seats just four people, but given how easy it is to carry and move, you can take two – one in each hand! Either that, or you could get freeloading picnickers to carry their weight for once.

They can even set the table up if they’re feeling motivated; it only takes a few seconds. Each seat holds up to 220 pounds per person, so heavier friends may have to bring their own seat.

After you’re done with the picnic, use the convenient carrying handle to pick it up and load it back into your vehicle.

Your next family reunion or casual outdoor picnic will have an easy clean-up, and no one will be able to make the excuse that the table is just ‘too heavy’.

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