no more musty towels

Onsen: Self-Drying Bath Towel

We have all been there: you walk into your bathroom, your nose crinkles up at the smell, and you begin sniffing around you to figure out where the smell is coming from. It might not be as strong as urine, but it is definitely a musky odor.

And then? You plant your face into your towel and suddenly know you have found the culprit.

But what if you no longer had to deal with musky towels?

Towels are not really something we think about. If you aren’t picky, it is something you grab at the cheapest price you can find and take home with you to use a few times before it begins falling apart in your washing machine.

But, even if your towel can withstand the agitator in your washing machine, it somehow doesn’t smell fully clean, and you end up having to toss it out.

There is a towel that no longer causes those problems.

This Obsen bath towel is intricately-designed with high-quality cotton in a beautiful weave pattern that brings about a beautiful, luscious towel that is incredibly absorbent and quick to dry.

This means that the towel is less likely to hold onto those deeply-buried musky smells because this towel is guaranteed to dry all the way through every single time.

No more of those towels that don’t quite dry in the center, and no more of those musty smells that slowly waft through your hallways at night as you are trying to sleep.

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Last Updated on February 4, 2017 by Tyler