Crispy Cereal Bowl

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Obol cereal bowl puts an end to eating soggy cereal
the best breakfast related invention since sliced bread

Who doesn’t love cereal? But the thing is, you have to really gobble it before it gets soggy. And even then you are often not quick enough and end up with this squashy sludge that was a taste breakfast minutes before.

If only there was a solution to this problem. Well there is. Your pal in your cereal eating ritual, Obol, The Original Crispy Cereal Bowl.

The bowl has an additional compartment in which you can keep your cereal dry and crispy. The bowl is designed for optimal grip reducing so common spill.

Your hand shapes around a small indention in the non-slip bottom of the bowl. Very useful for those drowsy mornings. Or for those dozy moments at night in bed. Because Obol is also perfect for eating cookies and milk.

Particulary useful if eating cereal on a bus, airplane, or carnival ride. It also minimizes the bowl-on-the-lap conundrum, which always creates an uneasy feeling of impending spill.

This practical gizmo comes with the Spoonit. An ergonomic spoon that lets you get almost effortless down in the bowl.  The design of this spoon with its angled tip and reservoir let you be more flexible in your movements without messing.

Hit the link to get your Obol now.