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Navage Automatic Nasal Rinse Device

If you struggle with sinus discomfort and you have attempted everything you can find in a store such as sprays and the likes, a neti pot might be the solution for you.

But then rises the issue; which type of neti pot? They range from $10 all the way to $300. So, should you shell out the big bucks for a high-end model?

Often heard complaints that rise when using a normal neti pot involve the water not coming out of other side of your nose.

If you’ve never used one you may ponder: “What if the water permanently gets stuck in my sinuses? Would you feel like you’re constantly drowning for the rest of your life?”

Of course, these may seem like legit concerns but there’s no need to worry. Water stuck in your sinuses will eventually come out. And if it doesn’t come out the other side of your nose when using the neti pot you are doing it wrong.

Which is where the Navage Automatic Nasal Rinse Device can help. It doesn’t require you to pour under the exact right angle but uses suction instead.

Navage utilizes built-in suction which will help you create a closed nasal passageway to ensure that the salt water irrigates exactly where it is supposed to without leaking down your throat.

There’s another reason you might want to steer clear from cheap neti pots.

I experienced this myself with a $10 neti pot. The inside was glossed, and the gloss began to wear away.

At some point I had to go to the doctor because of painful swelling. Turned out the gloss overlay fragments got caught in my sinus cavity.

Warning: in cheap neti pots, the plastic or ceramic could disintegrate after multiple uses of warm water and Epsom salt. Those paint pieces and chipped parts end up causing mayhem in your sinus cavities.

So using a neti pot caused many more problems than just a few snotty issues for me.

Spending a bit more money on a neti pot guarantees the elimination of those risks, as well as adds some accoutrements that will help you along the way.

The Navage device provides salt pods to specifically help your nasal passages calm down, slow their irritation, and flush your nasal passages without any chance of the parts stripping down after multiple usages.

The travel case ensures that, no matter where you take it, it will not become inwardly contaminated with bacteria (like some of the cheaper models), and it will also ensure that it does not break.

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Last Updated on February 4, 2017 by Tyler