Magnetic Mirror Shelf For Tiny Homes and Larger Abodes

We all need a Magnetic Mirror Shelf in our life. It’s one of the handiest accessories you could hope for, and it’s totally affordable.

This little guy is great for small spaces where a full bathroom mirror and wardrobe isn’t an option. Think tiny houses and other cramped dwellings.

True, you won’t be able to store clothes or larger accessories on it, but it has just enough shelf space to be a helpful bathroom assistant.

The shelf’s magnetic properties allow you to use it much like you would a message board.

Magnets hold notes and other items in place, and you can affix the mirror to any spot in your home where you’re sure to see it.

You can set toiletries, knick knacks, glasses and more on the secure shelf space. Even cute decorations aren’t out of the question.

It certainly makes a good place to put your keys; you’re always losing them, right? Why not put them front and center on this dandy little shelf?

Available at MOMA Store.

Last Updated on June 17, 2016 by Tyler