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Luuup Sifting Cat Litter Box

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Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows what a pain in the butt it is to clean their litterbox. Despite a cat’s elegant appearance, their leavings can more closely resemble toxic waste than sophisticated bathroom use.

Maybe you’ve tried sifting litter liners or self-cleaning litterboxes, but they’re either too messy or too expensive. The Luuup Litterbox may just be the answer to your prayers.

This revolutionary technology isn’t made of expensive wiring, motors and unbreakable plastic; it’s a simple three-tray sifting system that involves no scooping or litter mess.

This minimalistic approach to one of the nastiest jobs will have cat owners everywhere applauding. No longer will you have to deal with litterbox liners that break and spill cat poop on your floor. No longer will you dread scooping a smelly litterbox.

The Luuup Litterbox works perfectly for single or multi-cat households because of its functional design and easy cleaning.

All you have to do is lift the top tray, sift, throw the waste out, turn the tray 180 degrees, and place it on the bottom.

You’ll save hundreds dollars on litter each month because you don’t have to change the litter out. Perpetual sifting keeps the litter fresh, and you only need to top it off when it gets low.


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By Amber Autumn.