Lumir K candle powered lamp
'What if you could light up a room with just one candle?'

Lumir K Candle Powered LED Lamp

Last Updated on February 25, 2016 by

Taking a look at the Lumir K, your first thought may be that it’s just another one of those LED-powered candles. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Lumir K is a powerful LED lamp that uses the heat from a tealight candle to light up an entire room.

Just take a second to think about how cool that is. No longer will you have to put up with insane electricity bills or dull, flickering bulbs in poorly connected circuits. Lumir K has enough juice to provide enough light that you won’t need to flip the light switch on at all.

Batteries are pollutants waiting to melt away years of your life, so why would you want to use them in lamps to save a few bucks when you could be saving your health? Lumir K (along with its desk lamp twin, the Lumir C) is cordless and uses no external power source to shine bright.

That’s right; it’s not a hybrid… it’s a completely eco-friendly lamp. It’s an all-natural solution to hefty utility bills and harmful acidic batteries that you should definitely get behind.

While tealight candles do cost money, they’re a mere fraction of the cost of your electricity bill. You’ll be saving big bucks by using the Lumir K.


The Lumir K comes in two variations, a mood lamp and a spot lamp. Get yours on Kickstarter.


By Amber Autumn.