makes dispensing detergent easier

No Spill No Mess Laundry Detergent Dispenser

Do you avoid buying those huge, bulky, heavy detergent bottles because handling them is such a pain?

Yes, buying in bulk is more economic but with all the hassle of wielding such a huge bottle, and as a result spilling detergent you’re better off buying smaller, yet pricier bottles right?

Well, not anymore. Now you can reap the frugal benefits of buying extra large laundry detergent bottles without the sweat.

The Laundry Soap Station puts an end to annoying sticky floors and washer surfaces, slippery cups slipping out of your hands on the floor behind the washing machine, strained muscles, and – worst of all – detergent stains in freshly washed clothes and sheets!

You may have already found a DIY solution to this problem but let’s not kid ourselves, pouring the detergent into a smaller more manageable size bottle too often quickly gets messy too.

As is so often the case, the simplest inventions are the best. This laundry detergent bottle stand with spigot is one of such innovations.

The Laundry Soap Station takes the struggle out of doing the laundry. It keeps you from hauling a bulky bottle while its spigot makes dispensing the exact right amount of detergent easier than ever.