time locking food container

Kitchen Safe Time-Locked Storage Container

it's not just the cookies
it’s not just cookies seducing us on a daily basis


There are two types of people when it comes to dealing with unhealthy cravings. Those who adopt the ascetic attitude and just don’t buy sweets and other sinful treats. And those who do stock them promising themselves to stay strong and not give in to their weaker moments.

As we are human we all know what this leads to.

  • Either you have a really strong desire for some candy while having been very self-controlled for a while so you deserve it. The moment such a situation presents itself is always unexpected and as a such you have nothing. A strong craving, worthy of satisfying yet nothing to satisfy it with.
  • Or, in case you have your home stocked with treats, you give in, feeling guilty afterwards.


The Kitchen Safe offers a nifty solution to such temptations and dillemmas. Rotate the dial to set the time (max 8 days) and you are safe. It obviously has no override, which of course would defeat its purpose. (even taking out its batteries will not help you here)



Granted, you can’t give in to sudden desires yet at a previously set moment there is the opportunity to indulge in your cravings. Besides food, you could also insert cigarettes, your smartphone while working, your car keys when drinking, as a parenting time-out tool. Don’t blame us if you will be cursing this thing.


More info on The Kitchen Safe, or purchase now from Amazon. $54,95


Last Updated on February 9, 2015 by Tyler