hudway glass head up display for cars

Hudway Glass Head-Up Display For Any Car

Always wanted one of those futuristic heads-up displays for you car dashboard? Now you can get one without having to top up your mortgage for a brand new car.

Of course the ‘cool factor’ of this smartphone accessory is only an added benefit. Plenty reasons to order a Hudway Glass head-up display..

Have you ever been driving in your car and not been able to turn as sharply as you needed to because you are holding your phone up to look at your maps?

Or maybe you have one of those clip-on phone holders that sucker themselves to the windshield, and then it becomes a game of bob-and-weave in order to see around it.

Or maybe you have a holder that comes in multiple pieces, and you hit a bump a little too hard and, suddenly, your phone has clattered to the floorboard of your car just before you need to get over four lanes and exit the highway!?

The Hudway Glass onset navigation will fix all of those problems.

The transparent display presents; navigation, speedometer, traffic info, speed cameras, upcoming road hazards, and other data without requiring users to look away from their usual viewpoints.

Previously this somewhat futuristic feature was exclusively available in newer cars. Now you can enjoy a HUD in any car.

Simply place it on the dashboard of your car, flip up the glass, place your cell phone with its directions right there on the pad, and watch it come to life.

There is no obstruction when looking at traffic, there is no more holding the phone in your hand and risking danger to yourself and others, and there are no more issues with your phone tumbling to the ground. Nor having to take the roundabout at grandma speed because your phone tends to slip off your lap if you go any faster.


The friction-causing adhesive on the bottom of this device not only holds your phone in place, but it adheres it to your dash and enables you to drive and bump along as necessary without it ever attempting to take another crash-dive into the floor.

With a daytime setting, a nighttime setting, and up to four different types of displays, it is customizable, convenient, and safer than all of the other options out there.

Order the HUDWAY Glass Heads-Up Display here.