Heated Chip & Dip Tray

If you like to make your own melted nacho cheese dip you’ll know there’s one downside; the cheese doesn’t stay melted.

No matter how good of a cook you are, the sharp cheddar, Smokey Gouda, or Monterey Jack cheese congeals as soon as it cools (which is often right when you’re ready to slouch on the couch for a Hulu session).

If you, immediately after preparation, pour your homemade dip over the nachos it’s not that much of a problem. In fact, it helps prevent smudging the couch or remote control with gooey cheese.

But chances are you’re a dipper. You enjoy the experience of the drench.  You have cultivated the perfect nacho soak rendering the ultimate nacho / cheese ratio.

All the while ensuring the chip doesn’t break off, because leaving a frustrating chip behind in the sauce does not belong to a satisfactory nacho cheese plunging process.

Then there’s the option of using a non-congealing warm cheese dip recipe based on evaporated milk.

But be aware, among hardcore cheese dip purists, there’s no discussion possibly.

They simply don’t want to ‘taco bout’ it. Even though a hardened, shifted cheese dip is ‘nacho friend’. I know, I know, corny joke. (Sorry, word play is ingrained in me. I understand if you barley laughed).

And then there’s the bliss of being able to eat a warm cheese dip. A spicy cheese dip (let’s be honest, who doesn’t add chili or galapenos) tastes so much better when it’s warm.

Now, with the invention of the Heated Chip & Dip tray all these dilemmas evaporate. Hot queso during the entire fiesta,  whole movie, or as long as the delicacy lasts.

The Heated Chip & Dip tray features a stoneware crock and a removable dish.

Remove the tray to place the temperature-absorbing crock in the fridge or freezer for cold appetizers.


Get yours here.


Last Updated on March 9, 2016 by Tyler