goTenna Lets You Send Texts Without Service


Remember using walkie talkies when you were a kid? GoTenna is basically the same. It comes in pairs and lets you use your smartphone to send and receive text messages when there’s no access to cell reception or wi-fi.

Send a WhatsApp message without sav...
Send a WhatsApp message without saving contact number

It does not support voice messages, just texts such as SMS and GPS coordinates. Because of this the goTenna radios have a battery life of 72  hours (30 hours nonstop).

Ever tried sending a text visiting that crowded music festival or when out in the wild? Then you know that this can be nearly impossible.

How does it work?

GoTenna radios use old analog radio channels. Via the smartphone app you can access the goTenna radio and connect to the goTenna devices over Bluetooth. So when there’s no cellular or WIFI signal in the whole wide area you can still share messages (and share your location) with other goTenna users near you.

How near?

GoTenna signals propagate up to 9 miles in open environments. About 3 to 4 miles in forested areas and 1 mile in dense urban areas. Locations with a greatly extended horizon, such as mountain tops, allow goTenna’s signals to propagate as far as 50 miles.

Off-grid communication

The fact that you can communicate off-grid as well as encrypted will appeal to a certain crowd. Survivalist and the privacy concerned for example. A very valuable possession in case of emergencies.

communicate off-grid with those near you who also have goTenna, anywhere on the planet, regardless of access to cell reception or wi-fi. goTenna allows you to send and receive texts and share GPS locations on beautiful offline maps, – See more at:

Which makes goTenna great for in your bug out bag. Or when the wife is expecting any moment and you will be at work in that area of town where signal is crappy. Or for other moments when you absolutely positively have to stay in touch with someone. For emergency responders at home. When going trekking in the wild. And so forth and so on.


The devices could be used to circumvent government censorship under repressive regimes. Since goTenna’s messages never touch the internet there’s nothing to intercept unless authorities have a radio scanner, and even then all goTenna communications use RSA 1024 encryption.

“All messages sent with goTenna are end-to-end encrypted, self-destructing and not stored on a central server”


Similar to the FireChat app it lets you communicate without the use of WIFI or cellphone signal.
Also a viable alternative for those who have to deal with sparse cellular service or expensive SMS plans.

The goTenna device is 6-inches long and can be used with an iOS or Android device using Bluetooth.



Release is expected late Fall 2014. Pre-ordering now will save you 50%.

Get your pair of goTenna’s now for $149.99 or learn more at goTenna.

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