Calorie Tracking Wristband

Last Updated on March 26, 2014 by

GoBe wristband automatic calorie tracker
first and only wearable device to automatically track the calories you consume and burn

Contrary to other smart wristbands, this is the only one that automatically monitors calorie intake. It does so through your skin, by reading the glucose in your cells.

Thus putting an end to the necessity of keeping a food diary or calorie counting manually (which isn’t a very helpful method anyway).

That’s because the latest insights show that a calorie is not a calorie. Different foods are processed differently in our body.

Which makes Gobe’s method of measuring your caloric intake via your cells much more accurate than just counting calories before you’ve put them in your mouth.

GoBe makes it a lot easier to understand the calories you are taking and how these impact your health. Just by wearing it, GoBe automatically tracks everything you eat and drink, shows calories consumed and burned, your activity levels, how hydrated you are, sleep habits, and stress levels.

All this info is presented to you on the corresponding smartphone app. The app tells you whether or not you need more food, water, exercise, sleep, or relaxation.