Lying Down Laptop or Book Stand


Visually, the “Furinno Hidup Laptop Table” is immediately intriguing.

Of course, one of my first impressions was “Okay, my laptop would fall on me”. However, first impressions are often wrong and I then examined the design further and realized that the advertised position I was seeing was only one of many. I also realized that the chances of my laptop falling on me with the sturdy aluminum build of the legs, and the clips to hold my laptop in place, were pretty slim to none.

As a student and avid writer and reader, this lap desk is entirely ideal for me.

I often work from my bed or sofa while my laptop sits on my lap and eventually starts to burn a little. It is also difficult for me to find the perfect position to sit in, while also trying to keep my laptop level with my eyesight and my keyboard level with my hands. This desk would illuminate both of these problems.

With multiple adjustable heights and angles, and (my personal favorite) built-in cooling fans for your laptop, this is exactly what every “From the couch” or “From the bed” laptop user would want.



While the desk portion itself is large enough for your standard laptop (17 inches), it is also the perfect size for many other uses such as: breakfast in bed, traditional pen-to-paper writing, reading, art work, or even the dreaded paying of the bills. With so many possible uses, this desk is truly ideal for anybody.

To make it even more personalized to your own interests and to add your own sense of style, the Furinno has a total of 4 color options. Black, pink, silver, and purple are the possible colors you could have your very own lap desk styled in. Overall, I feel that this is a wonderful choice in the “Lap desk” department.

With positive consumer reviews, a reasonable average price of about $60, and the ability to find it at most large online retailers (,, and, to name a few), this piece of furniture would not only make a great addition to your personal collection, but would also make a fantastic gift (I know I would love it).


Get yours on Amazon. $58,11.

Last Updated on February 3, 2015 by Tyler