Fugu Carry-on and Check-in Bag In One

Fugu carry-on full size suitcase in oneFugu-Luggage-expandable-suitcase

Your destination is set, the hotel is picked out, tickets are booked. Now it’s time to decide whether you will take a carry-on bag or full size luggage with you on the plane.

You may be able to suffice with a carry-on bag but how to take all those souvenirs with you on the flight back home? Maybe take your big suitcase right away?

And what if your appetite for souvenir shopping will be less than expected?  Needlessly having have to go through luggage claim with a half full suitcase is also somewhat unfullfilling. Before you end up buying exotic keepsakes just for the sake of filling up your suitcase consider this clever new travel bag.

Fugu Luggage is a shock-absorbent, waterproof, expandable carry-on and check-in bag in one. The suitcase can actually be inflated by pressing a button.

FUGU LUGGAGE has been measured to comply with airline size limitation for baggage and grows from the maximum regulation sized carry-on size to the maximum regulation sized check-in.


That’s not all. Far from it actually.

  • The pump not only inflates its walls, it can also deflate vacuum bags for even more efficient luggage management. Pack more stuff without the need of carrying an additional vacuum pump.
  • Fugu Luggage has shelves built in that can be removed doubling the suitcase as an ad-hoc storage unit. No more unpacking and repacking in the hotel room closet.
  • It has the ideal size to be used as a portable table. Put your laptop on it while waiting on the airport, use it as an extra table or make-up dresser in the hotel room et cetera.


Of course its main advantage, Fugu Luggage puts an end to the dilemma of deciding which type of bag to take. It also increases luggage management on the destination itself.

We can see only one potential drawback here. The misses will probably want to take two with her.

Go grab yours at Fugu Luggage.

Last Updated on November 25, 2014 by Tyler