Fever Scout Kids Thermometer ‘Tattoo Patch’

Last Updated on December 14, 2015 by hobbr.com



Taking care of a sick child is an exhausting process that robs many parents of sleep and relaxation. As soon as a cough or sniffle is heard, the age-old method of the hand-to-forehead temperature check is pulled out. Small or fussy children who hate thermometers may wiggle and squirm when you try to take an accurate temperature, but the Fever Scout is here to save the day!

Fever Scout is a stick-on patch in the shape of a lightning bolt that works in tandem with your smartphone to gauge a child’s temperature. Touch sensors send the readings straight to your smartphone and can be checked at any time of day or night. The patch is unobtrusive, and your child will soon forget it’s even there. The Fever Scout will adhere to any surface you place it on, meaning you can stick it on a cabinet or the fridge when not in use.