citikitty cat toilet training kit

Does CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit Work?

Who doesn’t love cats. Those furry, perky creatures are so much fun to have around. Cats are part of life. Heck, the internet runs on cats.

There’s one downside though, the litter box. Which is basically, to put it bluntly, a box of poop in your home.

Enter the The CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit.

It lets you train your cat from litter box to toilet in just a few steps.

The American-made product uses a “disappearing litter box technique” which aims to eliminate the need for a litter box in your home completely.

Will your cat learn to go on the toilet? What are the potential downsides? We will answer these and other questions,  pros and cons, and more in this CitiKitty review.

Here’s how it works:

The multi-step system begins by turning your toilet into a litter-box look-a-like, and then slowly trains your cat to go to the bathroom directly in the toilet.

  • Step 1: The CityKitty Training Seat goes on the rim of your toilet, and is filled with litter. Your cat uses your toilet just as they would a litter box.
  • Step 2: Week by week, rings in the center of the training seat are removed to allow your cat’s waste and litter to go into the toilet to be flushed. As the rings are removed and the hole in the center widens, your cat is trained to move further away from the center of the seat, and should learn to use the toilet’s rim for support.
  • Step 3: Once your cat is standing completely on the rim of the toilet, it’s time to take the training seat off and the system is complete – no more litter!


Does CityKitty work?

The success of the CityKitty ultimately comes down to your cat.

  • Some cats are toilet trained within a week of using the product; others complete the steps in 2-3 months.
  • Still others never adapt to the system and the owners go back to a litter box.

One product flaw of the CitiKitty Toilet Training Kit is the stability of the seat. Some 10-20 pound cats do not feel secure on the thin plastic, which sometimes results in tipping or dislodging of the training seat and litter.

However, other cats are comfortable using the seat and have no qualms about the composition of the product.

Watch a cat using the CitiKitty here:



Another aspect of the kit that could be improved is that the rings are hard to remove and can not be re-inserted once cut out.

  • This can pose a problem when some owners remove a ring before their cat is ready to progress onto the next step, and feel they cannot backtrack.
  • This can be remedied by cutting out smaller portions of the rings at a time, or taping them back if a cat needs to revisit a step.

Multiple buyers remark on the mess the training seat and litter can create during the training process, which causes some to give up on the product.

  • Others take additional measures to lessen the mess, including using flushable litter, sweeping often, and even using an air duster to clean their toilet’s crevices.

Another issue some buyers report is the inconvenience of sharing your toilet with your cat.

  • While training, the seat has to be removed every time a human wants to use the restroom, and replaced for cat use.

CitiKitty is designed for healthy cats of all temperaments over the age of 3 months and of all temperaments.

Dedication: do you have to have Jack Byrnes’ perseverance to succeed?

(Jack Byrnes potty trained his cat Jinxy in the movie Meet The Fockers.)

Those dedicated to making the CitiKitty work in their home realize this is a necessary means to an end; others find this to be too much of a hassle.

In the end, owners dedicated to embracing minor inconveniences and taking the time to allow their cat to adjust to the new process seem to have the most favorable outcomes.

However, even some committed owners and cats are unsuccessful. Again, in the end, the CitiKitty Training Seat’s success depends on you and your cat.

But with a bit of luck and some persistence chances are you will manage. Then, like Robert the Niro, you may only need to teach Milo to flush.


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