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Creation Crate Tech Education Subscription Box

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Every week brings another news story about how technological advances are making some jobs obsolete and changing others beyond recognition. The key to future success is technological know-how – but there’s so much to learn.

Even if you’re fairly good at using technology, it can be hard to understand how any of it works unless you have a background in science or engineering.

This is where the Creation Crate comes in. It’s a subscription service which delivers a small box of electronic goods every month, along with instructions for how to build some kind of gadget.

The delivery is like a high-tech version of a Lego kit, with hardware to build, software to program, and a list of instructions to follow.

You also get a password to access project support on the Crate website. There’s no soldering required and everything you need is in the box, although you’ll need a device with internet access to do the programming.

The Creation Crate is designed as an educational tool for older children and teens, but it’s also popular with adults who want to learn electronics and programming in a fun, hands-on way.

The projects assume no prior knowledge and they’re straightforward enough to do in a couple of hours, but the tasks are challenging enough to keep you absorbed. Each month of your subscription, the projects get slightly harder, so you can build on the skills you’ve learned.

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