ultra efficient water bottle and thermos

This Bottle Cools Drinks For 25 Hours And Keeps Hot For 12

We’ve all been there at least once: we’re rushing out the door, it’s freezing cold outside, and by the time we get our thermos full of hot liquid to the car and take a sip, it’s lukewarm and doing absolutely nothing to soothe our insides.

Why can’t we just have a hot drink!?

Enter, Corkcicle. It is a stylish, sleek, polished thermos that is triple-insulated and comes in an array of colors to choose from in order to fit your life and your style.

Want a hot drink on those frigid mornings? This thermos keeps liquids hot for over 12 hours. Whether you want coffee or soup, this thermos has a lockdown on your temperature problems.

On the flip side, do you enjoy a ice cold drink in your hand on those sweltering summer days? This thermos is ready to keep your ice cold drink frigid for over 25 hours. No ice necessary!

This shatterproof and colorful stainless steel will keep your liquids at exactly the temperature that you want them at, no matter what is happening outside and no matter how long you need to keep it in there for.

This thermos boasts of a no-leak screw-on top that is sure to keep all of the liquid in so that you can enjoy it throughout your day without having to pour it over ice or reheat it in a microwave.


Last Updated on February 4, 2017 by Tyler