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Palm-Sized Travel Iron For Collars and More

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If you’ve ever had a case of “hot under the collar” while stuck away from home, you don’t always have the luxury of an iron to work out wrinkles from sweat.

Maybe you’ve just met with the CEO of a company your business is merging with, or maybe the weather’s just too humid.

Whatever the reason, your collar looks like an overused dollar bill, dingy stains and all.

Although the ultra-portable Collar Perfect travel iron won’t get those stains out, it will bust out pesky wrinkles and have you looking like the corporate boss you are. It’s tiny yet works great for ironing clothes, garments, during sewing jobs, and even for quilting.

This picture perfect travel iron is just the right size to fit easily in the palm of your hand, but it has all the power of a full-size iron and six different heat settings.

Of course, you can always fold this iron out for ironing on a flat surface, but it’s oven mitt style is what makes it so great. It molds to your hand and lets you flatten wrinkles as easily as stapling paper together.

Collar Perfect has a slightly pointed end for ironing tight spaces between buttons. Traditional irons aren’t quite as maneuverable, so it’s nice to see that the clever creators of the Collar

Perfect have solved this problem. Whether you’re de-wrinkling a collar or ironing a full outfit, this pocket-sized invention will have you looking your best with minimal fuss.

Whether you plan to go on a cruise, go camping, during business trips, put it in your office desk drawer, or just need one to fit in your hand luggage, the Collar Perfect lives up to its name.

Get yours here.