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Uberbottle Foldable Bottle

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When was the last time you left your water bottle somewhere? You may have forgotten it in the car, or you might have completely abandoned it at the shopping mall after collecting the five bags of clothes you bought.

Needless to say, even recyclable water bottles get left behind by hapless shoppers and distracted vacationers. Try using Uberbottle’s foldable bottle instead!

You can take it with you anywhere without having to worry about losing it later because you can fold it up in your purse for storage!

The bottle is made of flexible silicone that allows the user to fold, roll or scrunch the bottle up to make it more compact.

You can easily carry it in your jeans pocket or slip it into a zipper pocket in your purse when it’s not in use, and all you have to do is pull it out and fill it up for instant hydration.

The Uberbottle is great for joggers who don’t want to be weighed down on their run; any water fountain along the way can be used to fill the water bottle for a nice sit-down until it’s time to take off.

It’s also convenient for office workers who already have enough to carry into work. Or what about camping or backpacking?