Magnetic Coat Hangers

magnetic coat hangers
tangly hooks move over, Cliq is here.

No more tangled coat hangers with Cliq. Power magnets keep these clothing hangers attached to any metal surface, rounded or flat. This means they will attach to your standard metallic clothes rail.

Without the necessity of hooks the designers freed up about 6 centimeters (roughly 2,3 inches) of vertical space. A small bit for some but a big deal for urban nomads living in small spaces.

Just like their hooked counterparts these magnetic hangers can be swiped aside by hand. The beauty however of these hangers, magnetism ensures an even gap between each garment thus aligning your clothes evenly structured.

Cliq hangers support clothes up to two kilograms (4,4 pounds).

The magnetic force will draw the hooks to the metal surface, making a satisfying metallic click when they meet. Available in natural birch, black, or white.

Check out the video below to see the next generation clothes hangers ‘in action’.


Available from May 2014. For pre-ordering visit the CliqIsHere website.

Last Updated on April 1, 2014 by Tyler