cable lifted storage rack

Cable-Lifted Storage Rack For Medium Term Storage

The typical American house-garage is filled with clutter, and is often so full of junk that it cannot be used for its intended purpose of storing automobiles.

The Racor PHL-1R Pro HeavyLift 4-by-4-Foot Cable-Lifted Storage Rack can help change this. It’s a mouthful but the Racor system is a one-of-a-kind storage system.

Here’s why it’s different from all others.

  • It can help you free-up 16 square feet of floor-space, while positioning up to 250 lbs. of stuff in an area of the garage or home that’s rarely utilized: the space near the ceiling.
  • Best of all, its unique cable lifting system allows you to store and access your items without having to climb a ladder.
  • Its heavy-duty lifting capacity allows the user to store heavier items, such as furniture, lawn mowers, tires, canoes, snow-blowers, and more.

The Racor Cable-Lifted Storage Rack is great for storage of seasonally-used items that are heavily-used during specific periods in a year, but otherwise are in the way.

When you don’t want to lock these items up and throw away the key, but when you are not using them, they just get in the way and add to your garage’s clutter.

Here are some examples of the genius uses of this storage rack:

Camping Gear. So you have collected an array of great camping gear for use on your camping vacations, but you need to ensure that none of this gear gets misplaced or damaged when not being used.

You can use a Racor lift to keep all of your camping gear securely stored in one place, out of the way, until you are ready to use it again.

Seasonal Yard Equipment. What about your winter snow-clearing tools and your spring/summer yard-maintenance tools?

You don’t need your snow-blower in June when it is hot; likewise, you need not access your weed-eater during January, when freezing temperatures stifle the weed-growth.

The Racor lift can store your winter and summer yard tools securely and out of the way during the seasons they are not needed.

Christmas Items. You might like to set-up a colorful Christmas display in your front yard during the end-of-year holidays; however, for all months except December, those items need to be out of the way.

You can install a Racor lift to keep your Holiday yard items stored out of the way until needed again.

Beach Gear. The typical beach-season runs from Memorial Day in late-May through Labor Day in early-September.

When the kids are out of school during the summer, they are going to want to go to the beach. During the school-year, when going to the beach is generally not an option, you can store your beach gear out of the way on a Racor lift.

The Racor Cable-Lifted Storage Rack is useful for any item in your household that is used only periodically, but which is not a candidate for long-term storage (i.e., you never touch it).

You can use the Racor lift to better-utilize the empty space near your garage’s ceiling, and help keep the floor below clutter-free and accessible.


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Last Updated on January 12, 2016 by Tyler