Bagel smart tape measure

Bagel Versatile Smart Tape Measure

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It’s been deemed; advanced, intelligent, world’s smartest, and an evolved version of the good old tape measure. And innovative it sure is.

The Bagel is a digital measuring tool that lets you save measurements with one click, record voice memos, lets you save up to 100 measurements, even analyzes data for you, and of course is accompanied with a smartphone app.

This means no more screwing up because you measured incorrectly. No more lost pencils, scribbling in notepads, folding yourself in yoga like postures to measure that hard to reach corner, having to measure again because you forgot because of a broken pencil point.

Especially the less experienced DIY-ers among us will know what I mean. After all, it all starts with accurately measuring. Irregardless if you’re re-upholstering pillows, laying a new vinyl floor, dealing with some amateur carpentry, or anything else that requires precise measuring.

Of course professionals will appreciate this ingenious tool too.

Besides easy storing your measurements it offers three ways of measuring. Its modes;

String mode: (nothing new here, just like the traditional tape measure) except that it makes measuring your waist line a whole lot easier than by tying a string around your belly and measuring that afterwards with your measuring tape.

Remote mode: an ultrasonic sensor measures the distance while you keep the Bagel in front of an object. Great for difficult to reach areas, spots that are dark, and similar daunting measuring jobs. Its laser pointer ensures focus on the right spot.

Wheel mode is for one-handed length or distance measuring. By rolling its wheel you can easily measure distance on curved surfaces.





Even though the Kickstarter campaign has just started the Bagel already is a huge succes.

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