BackJoy SitSmart posture aid

BackJoy SitSmart Posture Aiding Seat



The SitSmart is a posture aid that cradles your hips and back to relieve discomfort and realign your spine.


Finding a solution to your back pain can be difficult, especially when posture aids take a one-size-fits-all approach. You need something that will work for you and with you, and BackJoy has just the solution that will have you feeling instant relief. Read our short review to find out if this posture aid is right for you.

The SitSmart looks similar to a bicycle saddle seat and is perforated with medium-sized holes to allow air through, which also helps to make sure proper circulation remains in your gluteal region.


BackJoy SitSmart blue
The BackJoy balances out your pelvic bones so that equal pressure is present on both sides of your gluteal region.


How does the BackJoy SitSmart Work?

The BackJoy works to correct your sitting position and get rid of the typical slouch most users have. Sitting in a chair without proper cushioning can cause pain and spinal issues which eventually lead to chronic pain and more severe back problems.

What’s special about it?

The SitSmart is unique in that it doesn’t cradle your entire backside; in order to work, it needs to be smaller than your buttocks so that it can support the two sitting bones.

BackJoy SitSmart types

The standard size works for those in the range of 100-300 pounds, but the Posture+ Mini is available for those in the range of 70-120 pounds, making that size ideal for smaller adults and children.

Model variations include:

  • BackJoy SitSmart Posture Plus
  • BackJoy SitSmart Pro
  • BackJoy SitSmart Relief 
  • BackJoy SitSmart Pro Mini


Backjoy SitSmart benefits

Many users have asked if the BackJoy is right for them. Aside from the recommended weight range for the product, the device can work for a variety of conditions such as herniated discs (and other disc problems), back and neck pain, sciatica and many more.

However, the posture aid is not recommended for those in a wheelchair or who have muscular atrophy. Those who have trouble standing and/or walking should also refrain from using it.





Does the BackJoy really work?

If used properly, most users have experienced the benefits of it. Adjusting to your new sitting posture can take anywhere from a day to several weeks, so don’t feel discouraged if it feels odd or slightly painful at first.

Your pelvis and spine are readjusting; if you still feel discomfort or are concerned about a pre-existing spinal issue, ask your doctor if the BackJoy is right for you.

BackJoy’s SitSmart is made from waterproof material that can be easily cleaned with either soap and water or regular upholstery cleaner. It comes in several different colors and variations for cushioning.


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