Art + Cook soak and rinse bowl
convenient way to thorougly wash and reduce residual pesticides and dirt

Soak And Strain Washing Bowl



We like to get around with a minimum of kitchen tools and utensils. A clean, uncluttered kitchen with multipurpose items is what gives us a good feeling. This way drawers and cupboards don’t end up stuffed with superfluous utensils you hardly ever use.

This produce washing bowl will deserve some of our kitchen space. It makes for such a useful addition. Especially if you realize how important thorough washing of produce is.

Many fruits, vegetables, and other produces are treated with harmful pesticides and experts agree that thorough washing with water will remove most of possible remaining pesticides residue. Just a quick rinse under the tap isn’t sufficient for many veggies and other produce.

A colander is far from efficient for rinsing off fresh produce. You will either have to keep the faucet running or use it in combination with a pan or something similar. And since rinsing in the sink isn’t particular hygienic this soak and strain bowl for fresh produce is a pretty useful thing.

The Art + Cook soaking and straining bowl makes washing and draining fruits and vegetables so much easier.

The Art and Cook soak and strain bowl comes in two sizes, 2.1 and 5.3 qt and various colors.

Some people add sea salt or white vinegar to water to remove pesticide residue but this is not only more time consuming, it may also affect texture and taste. That’s why this fresh produce bath with its easy-grip handle, non-slip base and one-handed operation makes for an essential kitchen.

Grab a 2.1 qt at Fancy. $21. (saves you a few bucks) or get the 5.3 qt on Amazon. $33.95


Last Updated on May 22, 2014 by Tyler