URB-E compact foldable electric bike

these will probably be a common sight in cities in the near future

URB-E foldable electric bikeURB-E is the ultimate urban e-bike. It is highly compact and you can fold it so you can take it easily with you on bus or train. Making it a great way to bridge the gap between the public transportation station and your final destination. Due to its size and unique folding mechanism putting it in the trunk of your car is also viable.

This awesome electric bike has an integrated luggage rack, led lighting, and comes with an integrated universal smartphone mount. With it you can charge your phone while riding. The app that is in development will allow you to monitor URB-E’s battery life, speed, range, and navigation.

The robust URB-E with its techno looks and features a shock absorbing seat for a smooth and comfortable ride. With colorful inserts you customize its look to make the urban scooter even more attractive. Other options are a shoulder strap, wireless Bluetooth speakers, a cupholder, a handlebar bell, wheel fenders and even a custom URB-E briefcase.

There are two versions, a three wheel trike version for more stability and a two wheel GP edition for a little more flexibility in terms of making sharper turns and maneuverability among more crowded areas.

URB-E is made from recyclable aircraft grade aluminum which makes it pretty lightweight at 27 lbs (13kg). The ‘last mile commute’ e-bike lets you scoot at a top speed of 15mph with a range of 20 miles on a full battery.


Pre-order yours now at URB-E.com.