Trezor Bitcoin wallet

a hardware wallet to garantuee your bitcoins are safe

Bitcoin, the currency of the future according to some. A risky investment likely to fail according to others. Time will tell if the digital currency that allows people to make financial transactions without the need for a bank will prevail.

Fact is that the peer to peer electronic cash system is adopted by more and more people. Banks are following, Wells Fargo being the first in the US to adopt BTC.

As its popularity is growing, the challenge of facing security is too since the internet currency becoming attractive to hackers and thieves.

Since no banks are involved, your Bitcoin isn’t guaranteed, if your computer gets hacked you lose your money.

In order to keep your digital money safe there are quit a few security measures you have to take which is time consuming, requires diligence and may be confusing to newcomers or the less tech savvy.

The Trezor hardware wallet will make Bitcoin security a whole lot easier. The tiny usb device makes BTC transactions secure. It holds your private keys and signs your transactions even if you would use it on a computer infected with a trojan or a keylogger.

It’s ingenuous open source software features a seed recovery system which will avoid keyloggers from peeking. The device is Windows, MacOS and Linux friendly and works with most of the common Bitcoin clients.


Trezor bitcoin safe

a big step forward in keeping your bitcoins safe


The given fact that about half of all computers fall victim to backdoor hackers or trojans isn’t really reassuring when it comes to digital cash. Hardware devices such as the Trezor wallet can not be infected by malware allowing for safe secure storage of your bitcoins. Trezor offers an answer to the commonly asked question, how to store your bitcoins.



More info at Bitcoin Trezor.