Various innovative gadgets for seniors exist that can make their lives a whole lot easier. From tech gadgets for seniors that help bridge the digital generation gap to elder care equipment.

By increasing independence and thus dignity, the elderly will feel more confident and happy. That’s why these daily living aids make great gifts too.

So whether it’s for your aging parents or yourself, here’s some technology to keep you and your loved one safe and comfortable.

1. Can opener for seniors


Switching to an electric can opener is often not the best option for seniors due to complications with using these appliances (charging, battery replacement, etc). This Resource For Cooking can opener is made for people with hand mobility issues and the elderly.

2. Automatic jar opener


If the potential downsides of an electric device are not relevant, the Hamilton Beach Open Ease Automatic Jar Opener is the way to go. Those pesky pickle jars that even youngsters have trouble with are opened effortlessly. Put an end to hazardous gripping and twisting. This gadget opens child-proof pill bottles too.

3. Garden seat


Yard work can be hard work if you’re getting older. Make sure you can keep enjoying the blissful benefits of gardening with a little support. Spare your knees and back and stay out weeding and planting longer with this ergonomically designed Garden Rocker Seat.

4. Playing card holder




These playing card holders allow those who suffer from joint pain and arthritis to keep their hands free. Great for children and grownups alike.


5. Tv Ears: voice clarifying TV headset

Wireless Hearing Aid Headset Syste

Your neighbors will thank you for using these wireless buds, a.k.a assistive listening headphones. No more cranking up the volume to damaging and painful levels. No more distortion of TV sound but a crisp and clear sound that is ‘environmentally friendly’. (Photo: Artiste Wireless Hearing Aid Headset System)


6. Senior cell phone



A senior cellphone such as the Snapfon ezTWO Senior Cell Phone is a must-have for aging parents. Its features speak for itself: large buttons with back-lit numbers, easy to navigate menus, enhanced sound, Bluetooth, hearing aid compatibility, and an SOS button. The optional charging stand makes charging very easy.

7. House-cleaning robot



If you can’t operate a vacuum, a robot vacuum can help you maintain a sense of control over the environment you live in. As such, robo vacs and other types of service robots for home use can aid independent living of the elderly. Click here for the latest vacuum cleaning robots on the market.


8. Anti Slip Shower Mat


The most basic bathing aid is an anti-slip mat. Increase safety by preventing falls and slips in the shower and bath. Additional aids that contribute to a senior-friendly bathroom include grab rails, assist bars, and shower stools


9. Temperature-activated flow reducer



Also called an anti-scald device, these are attached to a faucet or shower head to ensure the water stays at a safe temperature. They are easy to install and come in valves too. No more worries about scalding and burns due to extremely hot water.

10. Automatic pill reminder



Are you tired of trying to keep track of what pills to take at what time? Do your old folks forget to take their meds? This Automatic Pill Dispenser does this for you so you can go about your day free from worry!


11. Talking alarm clock and med reminder



If a visual reminder to take your medications isn’t enough, try the Medcenter Talking Alarm Clock. Medcenter makes taking pills a pleasant experience with a friendly voice saying: “Good morning!”

12. Sonamba Monitoring System




It’s easy to worry about a loved one’s wellbeing when they have Alzheimer’s and you’re away from home. The Sonamba Monitoring System sends you updates about your loved one and helps keep them safe. This gadget doubles as an interactive digital photo frame, lets seniors receive and send text messages and works as a personal emergency system.

13. Electronic calendar for seniors



Does grandma find it hard to remember what day or month it is?  Help jog your loved one’s memory with the easy-to-read Memory Loss Digital Calendar clock that tells the time, day, date, month and year. The large font makes reading the clock easy on the eyes. Very useful to keep track of ‘dinner at Suze every last Monday of the month’ and similar appointments.


14. Pill crusher for easier swallowing



The Carex Ultra Pill Crusher makes sure your medications are in an easy to swallow form. This product is perfect for those with poor digestion or difficulty swallowing pills.


15. Talking fever thermometer


Taking your temperature doesn’t have to be a hassle; HealthSmart’s DigiScan Talking Thermometer tells you your readings out loud so you don’t have to squint at tiny numbers like you do with a regular thermometer.

16. Hair dryer holder



Drying your hair can be so tiring on your arms; this simple part of your day shouldn’t be a workout! IdeaWorks’ hairdryer holder lets you relax those aching muscles while the stand does the work for you.


17. Magnifier desk lamp (floor model)



Read your favorite books like you used to with the Fulcrum Magnifier Floor Lamp. You won’t have to suffer from migraines trying to read tiny print – the magnifier makes it easy to read any print you put under it!


18. Long-reach toilet aid



Asking for help in the bathroom can be embarrassing. Keep your independence with the Long Reach Comfort Wipe. The long handle lets you finish up easily and without mess.


19. Self-T Element Cooking System



Put your mind at ease by getting your aging loved one Self-T-Element stovetop protectors. You’ll feel much better knowing accidental cooking fires as well as false fire alarms will be prevented. Your mind at ease while grandpa and -ma are maintaining their independence in the kitchen.


20. Safety lid lifter



If you know someone with arthritis, you know how difficult it can be for them to open jars or lids. Give them the gift of the Safety Lid Lifter; it makes opening and resealing effortless and is easy on wrists and sore joints.


21. Easy jar opener



Seniors shouldn’t have to struggle to open a simple jar because of weak muscles or ailments such as arthritis. Give them an easy-to-use tool like the Easi-Twist jar opener; it’s perfect for anyone who is elderly or disabled and finds it hard to open jars.


22. Personal Emergency Control System



Make sure your elderly loved one is protected at all times with the Freedom Alert Emergency System. With the simple press of a button, your loved one can quickly contact emergency services to get the help they need.


23. Doorbell-telephone flashing-light signaler


As we age, it gets harder to hear the sounds around us. The Sonic Alert DB100 Doorbell Alert flashes to let the user know they have a visitor and which door they are ringing from. Perfect for those with hearing problems.


24. Swivel seat cushion



Say goodbye to aches and pains with the DMI Deluxe Swivel Seat. The DMI allows you to get out of any chair with ease, even a car seat, helping you avoid pulled muscles and joint soreness.


25. Portable walking chair / cane / stool combo




Effortlessly transform your walking cane into a comfortable seat with this portable walking chair. This lightweight chair from The Stadium Chair Company gives you support when you most need it wherever you go. Taking rests on the spot means you can stroll further and longer.


26. TV Listening Speaker



Never miss another word of your favorite sitcom when you use the Serene Innovations Listening Speaker. You’ll be able to hear each word clearly with these speakers right next to you with adjustable audio levels.

27. Big button amplified phone




Talking with your loved ones is a time that you treasure. Using the Careline Phone System with its safety pendant makes sure you stay safe while chatting to your heart’s content.


28. Hand Umbrella



Autonomous seniors don’t need to ask their grandson to hammer a nail in the wall. Such simple chore can be done safely by themselves. If you’ve ever had a sore thumb from hammering a nail, you’ll appreciate the genius of the Hand Umbrella. Safely work on those carpentry projects without the fear of smashing another digit.

29. Carex Sock Aid


Bending down to tie shoelaces or pull on a pair of socks gets harder with age; dressing yourself with the Carex Sock Aid helps prevent overextension from bending down to pull on your favorite pair.

30. Shoe horn


The Shoe Horn Pro allows you to slip on any pair of shoes without straining to squeeze your foot into them. Easily slide a pair of tennis shoes or loafers on with the stretching power in this handy tool.


31. Reacher Grabber



No shelf is out of reach when you use the Grip ‘n Grab. With this arm extension, you can get items down from high spots or from the floor without losing your grip or suffering a tragic fall.



32. Key turner tool for arthritis



Arthritis can make it difficult to turn the key in a lock, especially if it’s a chilly winter night. Don’t get stuck out in the cold! Use the Hole-in-One key turner for quick entry, even with stiff hands!


33. Auto assist grab bar


When your bones, joints, tendons or ligaments just won’t cooperate, use the Auto Assist Grab Bar to safely exit your vehicle. The sturdy handle makes sure you remain secure and steady when standing and leaving your car. Highly useful when you’re recovering from illness or a surgical procedure too.


34. Ice pick or crown for Crutches


Winter can be a dangerous time for seniors. Slippery ice can cause awful falls, so get your aging loved one the Crutch Tip with Retractable Ice Spikes so they can stand tall even on slick ice.


35. Foot Cleaning Brush


Nobody likes scrubbing the toe jelly from between their little piggies, but it´s a whole other story when your stiff muscles or sore back simply don’t let you. The job can be more pleasant with the Foot Cleaning Brush. The long handle lets you scrub without bending down and straining your muscles.


36. Back Scrubber Long handle



Clean between your shoulder blades and other hard to reach places with the Long Handle Back Scrubber from TopNotch. You’ll feel refreshed after letting the soft bristles massage your back, and you’ll be squeaky clean.


37. Able life tray


Make your favorite armchair safe and secure by adding the Able Life Tray. Its strong handle lets you get up and down with minimal effort, and the swivel feature means you get the right angle to grab onto every time.


38. Big Button phone dialer


That call to your grandson is just a push of a button away with the Big Button Phone Dialer. This device lets you customize each button with whatever phone number you want for easy dialing and a quick connection.

Even more suggestions

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Here are some more senior safety and convenience products.

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