The Crates mobile, crated furniture

inspired by Beijing’s shifting urban playground where industrial and artist spaces are quickly discovered and soon destroyed


Moving is an ordeal. It causes so much stress that it’s often mentioned in the same breath with losing a job or getting a divorce. Yet moving is increasingly popular.

We are changing homes more frequently and because of that we want more flexibility in the things we own (and have to drag with us) That’s why owning less stuff is popular and clever furniture and multifunctional products are in demand.

A remarkable icon of the urban nomad culture is this crated furniture. Basically finished shipping containers on the outside that, once opened, reveal complete household or office setups.

Beijing designer Naihan Li’s furniture cases, officially titled The Crates, include a fold out workstation, a wardrobe closet, a bookshelf, a kitchen, a bedroom, and others. Among these others foosball tables and even a mini cinema and kareoke box.

The beauty of this approach is not only that you can quickly pack your stuff (they are already half packed) but also that setting your new place up, including all the fine points, is a picnic.



The Crates are mobile so you can roll your interior right in to your loft, studio, or gallery


Visit Naihan Li’s website to find out when these will be available.