Keewifi router puts end to password re-entering

finally, a smart router


I bet you have wished at least once in your life that someone would invent a better wifi password system. Having to re-enter your password either at home or at friends is annoying.

Products are supposed to be smart right now right? The smart home, the internet of things and all that. Why do we still have to hassle with entering way too long passwords made up of a seemingly endless stream of underscore, caps, ambivalent number/letter characters that make you want to pull your hairs out.

This hassle now belongs to the past. The smart router has arrived.

Meet Keewifi router. This router makes it far easier for you or your guests to connect devices to the network. The only thing you have to do is hold a Wi-Fi-enabled device close to the router.

How about that for an improvement in hospitality? Friends and familiy coming over don’t have to ask for the password anymore or dive down a dusty cupboard to retrieve it. And since the Keewifi router is pretty stylish they won’t even have to ask where you have hidden it. They will see it showcased, walk up and whoop, they are connected. Just like it should be in our modern day and age.

Another method is to connect them via the app. Useful if you don’t want to get up from the couch. Or, if you feel nostalgic, you can connect the old fashioned way, by entering a password.

If that’s not enough, Keewifi router does more. It for example, features a so called Zen Button, designed to resolve many common WiFi issues such as your neighbor’s WiFi interfering with your signal.

Go back this project now on Kickstarter and order yours at a discounted price.