Handpresso Wild outdoor espresso machineWith this portable espresso machine you can make your beloved creme filled espresso no matter where you are.

Drink your favorite hot beverage at that picnic in the park, your car, at work, or wherever you want.

The Handpresso Wild is very easy to use. Just pump up it up, add hot water from the thermo flask, add the pod, push the brew button. It comes in a stylish leather case with cognac leather interior

The black bag holds the manual espresso machine, a 300ml, stainless steel, thermo-insulated flask, four unbreakable cups, and a small napkin.

The outdoor set comes equipped with a basket for loose coffee as well as E.S.E. pods.

What’s also nice, it makes for a great conversation piece connecting coffee lovers everywhere. Go get it at Handpresso.com.