Zuli smartplug simplifies home automation

this smart plug simplifies home automation

Zuli detects what room you are in. It also ‘knows’ your personal preferences and adjusts appliance settings based on your presence and previous settings.

Lights or appliances are turned on or off when you walk into or leave a room. Lights can be dimmed or your music is turned based on your presence.

This smart plug also works from a distance via the corresponding smartphone app so it can automatically turn devices on or off when you are not at home.

What’s more, it also monitors your energy consumption.

The Zuli smartplug simplifies home automation which often requires a whole range of accessoiries. It puts and end to the need for mechanical timers, dimmers, energy monitors, hubs, routers, wifi settings,

How does it work? The smartplug is placed between the outlet and the light or device. With Bluetooth low energy it connects the device with your smartphone. Lights and appliances now know what you want and where you are.

You can easily set timers, adjust dimmers, thus save energy and have your devices adapt to you. Multiple smart plugs in the house form a network, making your surroundings even more adaptable to your wishes and needs. Check out the video below for its possibilities. More info here.