this innovative axe acts like a lever


The activity of wood splitting is mostly skill and technique and only a small part brute force. Seasoned loggers and skillful lumberjacks know how to chip off a part of a big log in one precisely executed chop.

If you’re less trained you may find firewood chopping a chore. Some will consider using a powered splitter but if you’re into chopping the traditional way the innovative Vipukirves axe may be something for you.

This axe does not lodge into the wood as it is designed to twist off to one side right after impact. Because the axe head turns to the right after each chop it makes it far more easy to break off even pieces of the log.

Vipukirves, Finnish for leverage, features an ingenious design, unique weight distribution, a curvy blade, 3-foot-long birchwood handle, and narrow end which making wood chopping easier, faster, and more efficient.

Check out the Vipukirves website for more info and ordering.