From computer programming to video editing, there are plenty of times when a second monitor is useful to have. The luxury of an every day carry screen has been merely a pipe-dream when you work on the go.

That is, unless you fancy stuffing a full-size monitor into your backpack and heaving it out when you’re working on the train.

You could use a small projector as a portable alternative to a spare monitor – except you won’t make any friends in Starbucks by projecting your work onto their walls.

 lightweight portable pop-up monitor

The SPUD – Spontaneous Pop-Up Display – is a portable second monitor

This innovative on-the-go display folds down to the size of a large hardback, and weighs under two pounds. Open it up like an umbrella, plug in your device with a USB cable, and it will project a crystal-clear display onto the 24-inch screen.

This monitor uses a small projector and a flexible screen, rather than a traditional pixel display, which is why the SPUD can be folded down small.

The screen has been especially designed to minimize wrinkles, so there’s no risk that creases will ruin your picture, and the dark cover enclosing the projector stops ambient light bleaching the image.

Even if you don’t need a second screen for your work, it’s amazing how many different things you can use the SPUD for.

Plug it into your phone to enjoy your favorite games on the big screen, put it up in the kitchen to play a recipe tutorial without getting food splattered on your tablet, watch videos in bed without the weight of a laptop.

The battery lasts up to 10 hours, and brightness is adjustable for different environments.

This revolutionary on-the-go computer monitor is great for students and designers. Gamers will be able to set up LAN parties much easier. Sales people can give empowering short presentations without the need of a projector and screen.

Graphic and web designers, artists, and many other professionals know that when it comes to screen size, bigger really is better.

Yearning for the invention of holographic screens projected from your hand-held device has become supervacaneous. From now on you can carry a huge additional screen in your pocket.

Check out this insanely successful Kickstarter below.