Smartmio, app connected, electronic muscle stimulator

electronic muscle stimulation with your smartphone

The Smartmio app, a pod that houses the hardware, and two electrodes to train your muscles electronically while on the go. That’s what Smartmio basically is. It’s the world’s first wearable and connected electronic muscle stimulator.

The corresponding app offers pre-set workouts you can use while working, commuting, watching TV, or waiting at the dentist.

This form of electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) is not meant as a replacement of your traditional workouts but a way to enhance existing workout regimens.

The benefits of using Smartmio? More efficient warm-ups. Better recovery. Muscle stimulators have been scientifically proven to enhance sports performance.

Smartmio promises significant strength or endurance gains in 6-8 weeks. Weightlifters, basketball players, and martial artists are claimed to increase their explosive strength. Runners and cyclists can improve their speed and endurance. Sports enthusiasts in general are supposed to recover more quickly, reduce their risk on injuries and be more resistant.

“We now offer people is the opportunity to take EMS with them wherever they go and train, without interruptions to their daily routines, and complementary to their regular training sessions.”

The revolutionary new approach to muscle stimulation is a big hit on Indiegogo. Already after hours the first packages were sold out and the goal of raising 50k for development is long met.