lighting fixture, shelf and bookmark

put away your book when reading in bed and switch off the light in one motion

Lillite is a bookshelf and reading light in one. When you take your book from the wooden peak the light will automatically turn on, place it back and the lamp turns off again.

It also has a switch to turn the light on and off manually.

Nightstands are often too crowded. A nightly glass of water, your current book, the nightlight, and your retainer or other nocturnal necessities all fight for space.

And who hasn’t spilled water over their book trying to grab something in the dark?

Migrating some of these items to another location, while still keeping your stuff at reach is a great idea.

It’s also nice that when you’re almost asleep, there’s only one action between you and shut-eye. Just put away the book and you’re good to go to the land of Nod.

















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