Below are the most popular and effective self defense gadgets for women and college students. First a few quick tips to help you decide which item will be best for your situation.

  • When it comes to picking the best self-defense device for women it basically comes down to what you find most comfortable carrying. If, for some reason, you find a specific self-defense weapon a burden carrying with you, you are likely to not have it on you which defeats its whole purpose.
  • Personal protection devices come in a few categories, there are impact weapons, sprays and maces, and stun guns and tasers. Before you buy a female self defense product decide if you prefer a range or melee device. Most women, and men too, will prefer to deal with a mugger or rapist from a distance. However, in certain situations this is not realistic. For instance when you need to defend yourself in really crowded spaces a melee weapon will be more effective.
  • Also keep in mind that no device is 100% effective. Yet the 15 products listed here are all known and proven to be potential lifesavers.



1. Honeycomb Hairbrush concealed stiletto dagger by Cold Steel

Honeycomb Hairbrush Stiletto

What looks like a simple round comb is actually a deadly weapon. Concealed in the comb’s head is an 8-inch dagger made from durable fiberglass materials that are weather-resistant. This self-defense device will look harmless to attackers, but should you need it, it quickly transforms from hair styler to agressor neutralizer in a second. However, the Cold Steel Honey Comb Hairbrush is a weapon that is not ideal for preventing attacks and is close-range only.


2. Stun gun with flashlight



The Terminator compact stun gun is a sure way to put your attacker down. It may look tiny, but this stun gun packs an amazing 25 million volts into your attacker’s body, rendering them immobile without killing or permanently injuring them. However, you’ll have to get close to use it, as in “up close and personal.” It doesn’t shoot out barbs; its prongs run an electric current between them. Unfortunately, this stun gun is illegal in many states.


3. Lipstick stungun



At a mere five inches, this lipstick tube can hardly be called intimidating. Removing the cap, however, changes most people’s opinions pretty quickly. The Guard Dog Lipstick Stun Gun packs 3 million volts along with a 100-lumen flashlight that can blind your attacker. College students and young women looking for an easily concealable and inconspicuous weapon will find this useful, though it requires contact with your attacker to work and won’t incapacitate them.



4. Sabre Red Police Strength Pepper Spray

Sabre Red Pepper Spray


Pepper spray is a more risky self-defense mechanism, but when used properly it can be incredibly effective. SABRE Red Pepper Spray offers free instructional videos to ensure proper use and boasts an effective range of up to 10 feet, all in a compact keychain. Users should be aware that pepper spray doesn’t work on everyone, and a 10-foot range can be too close for comfort for some. Some states do not allow this spray.


5. Lipstick pepper spray


SABRE also offers an equally effective lipstick pepper spray that uses a police-strength ballistic stream of pepper spray to fend off your attacker. Young women, both in college and elsewhere, can carry this with them in pockets or their purse. Unlike the keychain, the lipstick doesn’t have an attachment for your keys and can be hard to find in the dark or in the depths of your purse (even if its a small one).


6. Kuba-Kickz plastic knuckles for your shoes


plastic pointy knuckles for your shoes


Kuba-Kickz self-defense spikes are a lightweight solution that helps you instantly become a ninja. Kicks to the arms or legs while wearing these will deal some serious damage. A kick to the groin will be even more devastating than before.

Unfortunately, options for shoes are incredibly limited for women. These only fit shoes with laces and a tongue, meaning most fashion boots and even Converse tennishoes are out. They’re also pretty obvious, so more fashion-conscious women may steer clear of these.


7. Smith and Wesson tactical pen



As easily lost as pens are, Smith and Wesson might be on the wrong track with this one. Their tactical pen does, however, have its merits. The Smith and Wesson Tactical Pen can be used as both a regular pen and stylus for computer screens. Its striking tip can deliver a powerful blow, but the aluminum material used would be better suited as steel for self-defense.


8. Slap Hat



The Night Watch Snap Cap Extreme is probably one of the most disguised self-defense devices there is. The cap looks like a plain, ordinary baseball cap, but the material in it has the same density as lead, making it a powerful blunt weapon. The only problem is that you have to hold it by the bill; this unstable grip could render the cap useless if it’s knocked out of your hand.


9. Self defense knife Spyderco Matriarch Spyder Edge Knife with Emerson Opener


Self Defense Knife Spyderco


The Matriarch Spyder Edge Knife isn’t for the faint of heart; this velociraptor-shaped curve on the blade is meant to do extreme damage, so be prepared to see some blood.

This knife is a so called karambit style knife. Experts agree that these belong to the most effective self-defense weapons. With their serrated edges they are designed for gutting and ripping flesh instead of stabbing. This makes them ideal when in extremely close quarters. Which is often the case when you have to defend yourself.

Its Emerson feature allows for easy snagging on your pocket, so you can deploy it quickly from a tip-up carry position when needed. By simply pulling the knife up or down you can do maximal damage so prepared to cause serious injury to your slasher in order for you to get safe.



10. WarTech Super Bitch tactical spring assisted rescue knife




If you want a more all-round knife this Super Bitch spring-assisted rescue knife may be more of your liking. It may be less geared towards doing insane damage to an attacker but it does have features that increase your safety in other hazardous situations such as a car accident. It works well as a seat belt cutter and glass breaker and can obviously be a lifesaver when someone tries to harm you too. After all, it’s still a heavy, sturdy, razor sharp knife.


11. Personal safety alarm





If you need to sound the alarm to alert people to your peril, there’s nothing quite like 130 decibels to do the job. The PPS8 personal alarm can be carried easily in pockets, purses and by hand. All you have to do is pull the pin and the alarm sounds. This device is most useful to college students when walking around campus. Although alarms are a loud and effective way to deter attackers, it is by no means a weapon to defend yourself with.


12. The Cat personal safety keychain



Cat keychains are adorable, aren’t they? Well, the thug that may end up on the receiving end will think otherwise as this one’s also an excellent self-defense weapon for women. The Cat Personal Safety Keychain is basically a set of brass knuckles in the shape of a cat’s head, with the eye holes being the grips.

This one is made of plastic (they’re available in metal too) but don’t be fooled, they don’t break or even scratch easily. It also requires the ability to throw punches, but even young women without fighting skills may find this keychain helpful in warding off an attacker. If only if it were to give you some peace of mind while walking home in the dark.



13. Kubotan key chain stick


a.k.a. ninja spike keychain


The Kubotan Self-Defense Keychain can be your best friend on those nights where you have to walk to your car by yourself. The nearly 6-inch stick is highly durable and delivers a powerful blow, but here’s the kicker: it requires a very precise, calculated strike to be effective.

The Kubotan is meant to deliver strikes to pressure points.It doesn’t come with an instructional booklet but there are highly helpful videos on YouTube. You may think it’s best left to those with the proper training but on the other hand, women who know how to strike a punch can increase their reach and impact with this easy-to-carry, lightweight tool.

What’s more is that going for the eyes, the upper lip, the sternum, upper rib cage or back of the hand doesn’t require any training. Hitting an assailant with it can proof a critical difference compared without the Kubotan.


14. Monkey Fist self defense keychain ball



The Monkey Ball looks like some sort of odd keychain, but it’s a powerful weapon in the palm of your hands. This keychain contains a 1-inch steel ball wrapped in high quality paracord. Swing it at your attacker’s head and you may just knock them out.

Attaching the keychain to a lanyard gives you more range on your swing and greater impact, but heavier opponents might be able to brush it off if hit in an area other than the head or groin. Use extreme caution when swinging your MonkeyFist; you might just injure yourself if you’re not careful.


15. Go Guarded self defense ring


No need to push buttons or retrieve weighty or bulky self defense weapons from a purse. Nor will this tool be easily knocked out of your hand. The pointed tip of this ring automatically protrudes when you make a fist.

Slip this ring on your finger before you walk home at night and feel a bit more secure. Fisher Defensive’s Go Guarded ring is best used as a surprise defense measure: hit your assailant where it hurts most and run to safety.

In sum

Some of the personal protection gear mentioned here are illegal in some states. Not only a stun gun but also a spike key-chain or the hairbrush may be illegal in your living area. Be sure to check this before buying.

Also make sure to familiarize yourself with your new defensive item. Learn how to use it. How to grab it quickly. Make an habit out of carrying it close when in less safe situations such as late at night. This can all help you be ready when it’s necessary. It’s like the saying goes, “a prepared woman is worth two  women who aren’t prepared”.