great for outdoor enthusiasts

great for outdoor enthusiasts

Whether you just like to picnic in the park or you are an avid outdoor fanatic who seizes every opportunity to grab some bites in nature, this highly portable cutlery set may appeal to you.

Ad hoc problem solvers may know that those plastic forks from the take out joint are not that durable and although eating with your hands may be very pleasurable during some occasions, being forced to do so has a less positive feel. Especially when outdoors and washing hands is not always an option.

That’s why Pro Idee’s picnic cutlery is such an outcome. The plastic casing that can be attached to your backpack, hiking pants or whatever you deem convenient harbors a knife, fork, spoon and bottle opener.

By gently squeezing the plastic casing of this 9cm (5 1⁄2″) key fob the metal bottle opener will come off after which you have access to the utensils.

The interlocking cutlery are forged in stainless steel, the bottle opener of zinc alloy.

Pro Idee compact cutlery is lightweight (only 2.7 ounces) and very transportable. Not to forget, it’s a useful piece of gear that looks great too.

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