PhoneSoap cleans and charges your smartphone

proven effective and convenient way of cleaning your smartphone

Studies show that our phones are invested with nasty germs. It’s so bad that cellphones carry up to 10 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat.

Our smartphone is increasingly becoming a part of our body. We can’t live without it, studies show most of us check our phone at least every 30 minutes. The electronic appendage we use for work, social, and entertainment purposes comes in touch with our nose, ears, and mouth while taking it with us to the gym, bus, and public restroom.

Not to forget being handed out to our peers. Sharing our phone is a huge contributer to spreading germs. And thus contamination. All of these things add to serious health concerns.

Since we are dealing with expensive electronics, many of us are hesitant to clean our phone. An ideal cleaning method, able to remove 100% of the germs, did not really exist. The most effective way, cleaning with alcohol, is often not recommended because of potential damage to the screen coating. On top of that it is commonly unclear what coating is on your phone.

The most convenient and effective solution are UV devices such as a UV disinfectant wand because its ultraviolet rays kill germs without you having to touch the phone.

PhoneSoap provides a solution to properly clean your phone that does not harm its screen. What’s even better, PhoneSoap in addition to using two UV-C lights to sanitize your phone, charges its battery at the same time. A smart solution since you can now sanitize your phone with each charge.

Phonesoap ultraviolet smartphone cleaner

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