Philips Hue ambient lighting system

Three internet connected LED lightbulbs with adjustable brightness and color-changing features. Use your phone or tablet to choose fading settings to fall asleep and wake up naturally, add romance to your room, energize, adjust for optimal reading, or recreate an atmosphere based on photos. According to Philips the bulbs mimic the warm light of traditional incandescent bulbs.

Have the lights turned on and off on pre-scheduled times. Make it look like you’re home when you are not. The accompanying app has location geofencing so it knows where you are so you can have the lights switch on just before you arrive at home.

Philips Hue knows the weather so when the sky is cloudy it can turn up the lights. Create your own scene templates and share them online with the MeetHue community or connect the Hue bridge to a dedicated music app such as Ambify.

There’s also a wake up light feature, which simulates dawn by gradually increasing light intensity to awake you more naturally than being scared out of bed by a loud and abrupt alarm clock. According to reviewers, third party apps are better suited than the Philips Hue app to get the most out of this feature.

The bulbs are roughly the same size as traditional bulbs and fit into standard sockets. At 8.5 watts per bulb at full power they are energy efficient providing 600 lumens (50watts equivalent). Available at Amazon.