quick and easy fix for flat tires

quick and easy fix for flat tires


This is one of those new innovative products in the category ‘it’s about time this was invented’.

After all, biking is awesome but once in a while we all have to deal with one of the biggest annoyances of riding bikes, namely; punctured tires.

Until now, changing a flat was a somewhat tedious and in some cases frustrating chore. (Don’t tell me you never cussed and sweared over a just fixed tire that turned out to be flat again).

Patchnride is a quick and easy fix for flat tires. It essentially means, no more turning your bike over, taking of the wheel, prying off the tire, while ending up covered in grease and sweat.

With Patchnride patching a punctured tire becomes painless and virtually effortless.

How does it work?
Patchnride lets you fix the tire from the inside out. In other words; without removing the tire. Just insert the spike into the tire hole, pull the slider, hit the start button and the leak is repaired automatically. The only thing you will have to do is pump up the tire.

And when it’s not so obvious where the leak is located, just use Patchnride’s leak detector.

It would go a bit too far to say this ingenious little gadget is a lifesaver but it sure as heck will save you a whole lot of vexation.


Pre-order your quick fix for flats at Patchnride. Now at $30 a piece, a 50% off pre-order price.