Nite Ize gear tiesTie and untie anything with a simple twist. Organize your ear buds to prevent that dreaded tangling.

Manage your tablet and phone charging cords. Tie your luch bag, bundle small tools, tie up plant stems. The possibilities are endless.

Nite Ize Gear Ties are bendable because of their wire interior and feature a colorful, durable, soft rubber exterior.

They come in different sizes, from 3″ up to 64″ which makes them very versatile.

For example, 3 inch gear ties are great for organizing your phone’s charging cord or earphones. Use 6 inch twist ties to manage your laptop charging cords. And so for each size there’s a use.

The rubber twist ties come in various colors such as yellow, orange, lime, red, and black. The different colors make them also very useful for color coding items.

Keep them always with you by attaching one or two to your keychain. They make very useful DIY smartphone pods or tablet stands too.

Nite Ize gear ties are very versatile

versatile, flexible, durable, and did we mention versatile?











Our modern technology is getting more wireless by the day (wireless battery charging is on the way) but we still have to cope with wires. Inherent to wires is entanglement. Which is annoying. Which is why simple yet effective products such as Nite Ize gear ties are so welcome.

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