Ludovica lamp

reading light, bookend, and portable lamp in one


The Ludovica Lamp consists of two parts. An orange aluminum frame that functions as a bookend and a modular opaque white LED lamp that can be taken out of the encasing to use as a flexible reading light. The light features a re-chargeable battery that is charged via USB.


take out the opaque white light box for increased flexibility

when not in its orange frame the light has a battery life of 4 hours


A reading light with superb flexibility, easily and conveniently used on your desk, nightstand but also on the couch or in a lazy chair. A design lamp that’s very useful too, that’s we love to showcase here on hobbr.


Ludovica is charged by USB

Ludovica is charged by USB


The Ludovica Lampe is designed by Italian design studio Zanocchi & Starke and presented on Milan Design Week 2014. More info at Zanocchi and Starke.