Cats are vindictive. Especially my sister’s Abyssinian. A cat breed worshiped by Egyptian royalty and Pharaohs in ancient Egypt. Millennia later, sweet Alfie still behaves lordly.

Due to circumstances, his servants were one day late with cleaning his litter box, their beloved pet had shat all over their clothes. As a result an expensive cloak and other attire had to be brought to the dry cleaner’s.

On His Royalty’s behalf I should mention that these clothes were stored on the floor near the litterbox due to an impending move. But still, it’s like dogs that accidentally run into you during play; they don’t. They’re not that clumsy, they do it purpose most of the time.

My unconditional love and admiration for pets aside, one thing’s for sure: the Litter-Robot III Open Air contributes to the peaceful cohabitation between man and animal. It help avoid such feline shenanigans by saving you time, effort, and keeping your furry friend happy.

The automatic self-cleaning litter box puts an end to your daily scooping routine. The robot cleans after every use, features a large waste drawer, and doesn’t waste litter as only the used portion is tossed out. It features an attractive blue night light too.

See how well it works in this short video



The Litter-Robot III Open Air is available on Amazon.